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Review: The Surge (PS4)

The Surge has moments of brilliance and satisfying combat, but a great premise never delivers the punchy story that it easily could have.

Developers of The Surge give insight into what will make it stand out

The developers discuss the central mechanics of the game and what will keep players interested.

Video: Cinematic Trailer for The Surge highlights a bit of the combat

Deck13, the studio behind the pretty decent Dark Souls clone, Lords of the Fallen, has released a slick looking cinematic trailer for its upcoming futuristic Dark Souls clone, The Surge. The Surge will have you take on the role of Warren, an employee at mega corporation, CREO, who on his first day experiences a disastrous event that knocks him out. After he wakes up, he finds himself in a dangerou...

E3 showcase: The Surge

Deck13, the studio that brought us Lords of the Fallen, has a new game they want to show off: The Surge. This time they swap the fantasy setting for a dystopian sci-fi world. It feels awfully familiar, but with a nice shiny coat of paint. In the future people make use of exoskeletons to carry out their jobs. Construction workers have forklifts on their arms, or massive welding arrays attached to t...

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