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Gris is heading to PS4 with 4K ready artwork

Updated art assets and a special PlayStation homage on the way.

Wellness app apologises for ripping off Gris

Inspiration "out of control".

Evocative platformer Gris was plagiarised by a self-care app

Someone copied the homework way too closely.

Swery and Suda51 are teaming up for a horror game, hilarity ensues

The mad geniuses are teaming up for ... something?

Review: My Friend Pedro (PC)

Obey the banana and kill. And make it look cool.

My Friend Pedro crashes through the window with a release date

Do what the banana says and make sure everyone gets hurt.

The Messenger is getting a free tropical expansion

What does a ninja wear to the beach?

Enter the Gungeon says goodbye with A Farewell to Arms

Get all the guns before they are all out.

The Messenger is more than just a delivery man!

Sometimes the world needs a hero. Other times, it needs someone to deliver the message to the hero.

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