Diablo 4 confirmed and coming with a vengeance

The devil is in the details, which you can find here.

GOG releases Hellfire expansion as a free update

Fight the winter woes with some nice hot Hellfire.

Party like it is 1996 with Diablo 1 on GOG

Sometimes you just need to dungeon crawl.

Feast your eyes on Pagan Online’s first gameplay trailer

Bummed that there is no new Diablo game? This might be something for you to look at

Opinion: Why is ‘mobile’ such a bad word?

Whisper the word "mobile" and chaos ensues. Why is that?

BlizzCon 2018: Opening ceremony

Remasters, a mobile game, new heroes and a lot of those gorgeous cinematics. This is Blizzard.

It looks like Diablo 3 is finally coming to the Switch

It's time for some portable murder.

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