The Star Wars Battlefront season pass is now free

One last hurrah for Battlefront before Battlefront 2 arrives.

Star Wars: Battlefront II beta details possibly leaked

Crush the resistance on Theed, trooper.

Video: New Need for Speed trailer races in from Gamescom

Need for Speed Payback's trailer plays out like a Fast and the Furious scene.

Video: Battlefield 1’s new map Albion is the biggest yet

If you missed the massive maps of Battlefield 3 and 4, Albion will scratch that itch.

Video: Meet the Inferno Squad in Battlefront 2’s campaign

Meet Gideon Hask, Iden Versio and Del Meeko, members of an elite black ops squad.

Battlefront 2 gets an open beta date

Get ready to pilot starfighters and assault Theed.

Hero roster for Battlefront 2 partially leaked

It is almost as if some people see the NDA as a challenge to get the information out.

Video: A few seconds of leaked Battlefront 2 gameplay

We aren't kidding, this is one of the shortest gameplay videos you will ever watch.

Video: EA Motive sheds some light on the story of Star Wars: Battlefront 2

After Star Wars: Battlefront's lack of content, it seems Battlefront 2 will try to fix that.

Video: How to trigger Battlefield 1’s Megalodon Shark

World War I realism, right down to giant shark attacks.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will get dedicated servers

Dedicated servers means your opponent can't blame lag for sucking so badly.

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