Battlefield V’s minimum PC specs are kinda familiar

No need to get a new PC if you could handle Battlefield 1.

Battlefield V is World War 2 without loot boxes

No loot boxes, no premium pass and enough changes to make the multiplayer fresh.

Rumour: Next Battlefield game to be set in WWII

With the success of Battlefield 1 going back to historic events, perhaps EA and DICE feel the past is the way of the future.

Battlefield 2018 trailer currently in the works

Soon we will know where and when the fight is.

Video: Battlefield 1: Apocalypse map pack details and gameplay

Get ready for new maps, weapons and gadgets.

Here are the new changes to Star Wars Battlefront II in patch 1.1

The crack TIE pilot can finally fly a TIE in multiplayer.

Battlefield 1 Operations DLC will soon be free to all

Get your DLC, gun and ammo here, soldier.

Video: Five reasons why Battlefront II deserves your time

These are the reasons Dave gets out of bed and hops into a Jedi robe instead of work clothes.

Games with loot boxes might only be sold to people over the age of 21

Because we all know that age restrictions on games really help and no children are playing COD and GTA.

Star Wars Battlefront II gets more changes to progression system

Get more rewards for matches and daily login crafting parts to speed up your progression.

Star Wars Battlefront II shows us people rather than helmets

The normally faceless stormtroopers get some time in the spotlight. Who are they under those helmets?

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