Opinion: Sekiro and the rewards of difficulty

Sometimes you just need to allow the fire to temper you.

Opinion: Accessibility in games and why it’s important

From subtitles to custom controllers and game difficulty, accessibility is something important that needs to be discussed.

Opinion: I feel no shame playing games on easy mode anymore

Embracing the lifestyle of a filthy casual or just having fun?

Nioh Co-op changes from pre-release demos explained

Nioh is a truly challenging game. It’s hard, relentless and unforgiving. Fortunately, the game features a Co-op system similar to the Dark Souls games, where you can summon someone to help you out if the going gets really tough. But the system worked a bit different from what was on offer in the pre-release demos. In the demo, you and a friend could join up and play through the game together...

Like your Dishonored 2 insane? Here’s some good news

I’ve actually just started playing Dishonored 2, but after I was spotted by the first enemy of the game on my full stealth run, I realised I might need to get back to it when my mind is ready. I am a bit of a stealth gaming aficionado and I’ve finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided while not being spotted and not killing anybody. Yet, I am but on the bottom of the totem pole compared to som...

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