PS Vita production is coming to an end soon in Japan

Expect something similar in other territories soon too.

Sony to end production of physical Vita gamecards in 2019

Good luck finding Vita memory cards to download games...

The original Xbox One is being discontinued

The giant black box will be a thing of the past with its shiny successors replacing it.

The NES Classic Edition officially discontinued

Update: Be quick if you’re interested! RARU secured a limited number of units, and this is very likely your last chance to secure one. Also, anyone wondering, it’s been discontinued in Europe (which includes SA) too. Original: While most of you were having a relaxing time over the long weekend with friends and/or family Nintendo dropped the bomb so many had feared would be announced in...

Bye bye Project Spark

Microsoft’s creation game, Project Spark, has been discontinued. The unfortunate news was announced on the Project Spark forum by community manager Thomas Gratz. The game itself will no longer be available on the Xbox Marketplace or Windows store. In addition to that, you won’t be able to upload any of your creations. More importantly, if you wish to continue playing your uploaded leve...

Rumour: Sony to discontinue PS3 soon?

Believe it or not, but next year the PS3 would have been around for 10 years now, which means it would have reached the 10-year goal that was originally set out by the father of the PlayStation – Ken Kutaragi. According to a report there’s a New Zealand retailer (Mighty Ape Games) who announced that the PS3 will be discontinued in their country. The post that originally went up on Face...

Rumour: Is Nintendo discontinuing the original 3DS?

Over the festive period I went looking for an original 3DS, as my wife’s 2DS was stolen recently, and I could not find anything. Head to any online retailer and you’ll see that they’ve got some old stock left. When checking the local official Nintendo web site you’ll still see the 3DS being promoted, but move on to the international official Nintendo site and you’ll n...

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