Devs will be more specific about what is free and what isn’t in Destiny 2

Bungie wants players to know exactly what is paid for and what is added for free in post-game content.

Dissidia FF NT’s season pass detailed with hints of new characters

Square dropped some very vague hints on who the extra combatants might be for the upcoming FF Fighter.

Review: Wolfenstein II: Freedom Chronicles – The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe (PS4)

It's just your average Joe here. Nothing much else to see.

Review: Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris (PS4)

Curse of Osiris makes a step in the right direction, but not a big enough stride.

Some of the endgame content in Destiny 2 is unplayable without Curse of Osiris

The Curse of Osiris is not a plot device, but rather a content gate.

Five strange crossovers through DLC

Solid Sack? What is going on in these crossovers?

Gran Turismo Sport is getting the update we really want in December

New update in December finally gives us what we really wanted.

Review: Snipperclips Plus (Nintendo Switch)

Snipperclips Plus brings us more cooperative puzzles with new ideas and fresh cuts for hours couch co-op fun.

Wolfenstein II DLC will show the fight through different eyes

Time for some other heroes to shine, because Blazkowicz can't have all the fun.

Four years later Total War: Rome 2 is getting a new campaign with Empire Divided

As part of Total War Sagas, the new campaign looks at the Roman empire in disarray.

Rockstar speaks up on lack of GTA V single-player DLC

Rockstar finally explains why players never got the chance to return to Los Santos alone.

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