Star Citizen has $27,000 DLC, but only if you’ve already spent $1,000

Suffering from some severe opulence? Star Citizen has an option for you!

Tekken 7 is adding more items to dress up your characters for anniversary update

It's time to do some dress up and go kick a few butts in some new free outfits.

Operation Para Bellum brings a new map and operators to Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft drops its second DLC pack in its third year of content for it's tactical shooter

Confirmed: Free 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia DLC

Get ready to lift the Chempionat mira po futbolu 2018 goda... It's in Russian (according to Google).

The Burning Question: How do you feel about paid DLC?

DLC is here to say, but do you think it's improved these days?

Bungie outlines Destiny 2 development roadmap

Next DLC is called Warmind, and we can expect to learn more about it the next two weeks.

The Surge is getting some free DLC nearly a year after release

Deck13 releasing some cool looking gear and weapons later this month.

Gooey comes to Kirby: Star Allies lickety split

The blue blob with his multi-combo tongue punch is joining Kirby and his friends.

Rumour: Noctis could be hitting Tekken 7 next week

Not happy with being royalty, Noctis wants to be the King of the Iron Fist too.

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