Review: Vampyr (PS4 Pro)

Will you succumb to the thirst?

Life is Strange developers in talks with major publisher for two new titles

DONTNOD has come a long way and could soon play a bigger part in the industry

This Vampyr trailer is all about Jonathan Reid’s affliction

Sometimes getting a visit from the doctor is a really bad thing.

Life Is Strange 2 is officially coming

Life will be getting a little stranger in the future.

Video: This final dev diary for Vampyr bites into the story

Sink your fangs into this tasty morsel.

Video: Vampyr’s latest dev video looks at the game’s music

When you stalk the streets of London, you need a badass cello accompaniment.

Vampyr gets delayed to 2018 due to technical issue

Seems our Vampyr needs a bit longer in its coffin.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm brings some Backtalk

Before the Storm brings Chloe's new "Backtalk" ability and Ashly Burch is not reprising her role.

Life is Strange sequel in the works

Life is Strange 2? Life is Stranger? Life is Stranger Things? The sequel to the amazing Life is Strange has been confirmed.

Life is Strange Episode 1 is FREE!

All good things come to those who wait… or so it would seem. As is apparently customary with episodic games, the first episode for Life is Strange is now free on all platforms (which is pretty much ALL platforms). Life is Strange was Square Enix’s first attempt at the episodic game formula and for the most part reviewed pretty well. Dawid himself can attest to that, check his review he...

Remember Me, Life is Strange developer releases Vampyr teaser trailer

There simply aren’t enough good vampire games. I’ve said it a few times before but I really believe that Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played and since its release 11 years ago, there hasn’t been a single game that really made me feel like a creature of the night. I’ll admit that I had some fun playing as Dracula in Castlevania: ...

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