Doom Eternal developers react to ridiculous 27-minute speedrun

Watch as someone skips over all their hard work.

Review: Doom Eternal (PS4 Pro)

Ripping and tearing all around the world.

Review: Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller (PS4)

For the asymmetrically inclined.

No more login required to play classic DOOM

You can now play the offline-only games offline.

Review: Doom II (PS4 Pro)

Welcome back to Hell.

Review: Doom 1 (PS4)

A classic game ported out of shape.

Doom mod removes all violence, has you talking to demons instead

Doom just got a lot less scary and kind of pleasant.

A new DOOM movie has been announced, with no ties to id Software

How can you have any DOOM without the DOOM guy?

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