Dota 2

Valve’s card game Artifact is releasing in November

Enigma in the jungle, cracking open card packs.

Dutch players see what is inside a Dota 2 loot box before buying it

Valve is trying something different to please the Dutch Gambling Society.

Half of Steam’s revenue comes from just 100 games

Steam makes a whole lot of money, but most of it comes from the few starchilds it has in its storefront.

EGE 2017: an interactive event for an interactive medium

Were you at EGE? If you happen to not live in Cape Town, we visited to see what was happening.

Valve writer Jay Pinkerton has left the company

Valve just lost its third writer this year. If you had dreams of narrative driven games in the future, things are looking grim.

Dota 2 is finally getting some co-op story missions

Dota 2 with friends and story? Almost sounds too good to be true.

Slow work day? Watch the Dota 2 Kiev Major

Maybe check with your boss is okay with you watching Dota 2 first, though.

The Burning Question: Have you ever used mods to significantly enhance your time with a game?

Mods are classified in one of two ways: a bunch of silly stuff added to your game which may or may not include nudity, or massive labours of love that highly elevate the existing experience. Mods have a storied history ever since people learned how to hack into ROMs and change stuff up to craft a new type of game and since then they have become an integral part of gaming as a whole. Many would bru...

Bravado Emotion takes the win in Telkom DGL Masters

Dota 2 in a cinema. Sounds pretty cool, right? It was amazing to watch games in cinema seats on a big screen complete with shoutcasting and being able to look down and see the expressions of the players after a good play. There is just something about sitting with friends and cheering teams on (or laughing about a bad pick / play) that makes watching Dota2 even better. Bravado Gaming’s Emoti...

Today I am watching eSports live in a cinema. Pinch me, I’m dreaming

What a time to be alive. We have AI in charge of datacentres to manage electricity bills. Rockets that can be re-used for missions into space. Self-driving buses (or busses). Hordes of people playing Pokémon and talking about them. We also have eSports events being live broadcast to cinemas. Yeah, times are pretty good. The Telkom DGL Masters for Dota 2 happens this weekend, with eight teams battl...

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