Dragon Quest Builders 2

Review: Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Switch)

Let the building begin in the second Dragon Quest Builders. Welcome back builders to Alefgard. In the second instalment of the building block RPG, you’re tasked with not only saving the people of the world, from the evil children of Hargon. But also given the quest of restoring the land to its former glory. A task that won’t be easily achieved, as the children of Hargon hold a strong i...

Review: Dragon Quest Builders 2 (PS4)

Building, gliding and undersea adventures await.

E3 2019: Square Enix conference

J R P G. We heard you like Final Fantasy so...

Square Enix shows off a few screenshots of Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2: God of Destruction Malroth and the Empty Island might be a mouthful, but it looks great.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 announced

It's time to build your own RPG world once more in the sequel

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