The next game to be recreated in Dreams is Dead Space

In Dreams they can't hear you scream.

A talented person used Dreams to recreate P.T.

He used the perfect game to recreate a nightmare.

Video: Dreams shown in a clever way at the PS4 Showcase

Sony uses a very clever way to show us the game without us even realising, and then shows us how it works after the big show

Dreams gets a release window following a year of absence

Media Molecule's Dreams gets a small taste at the Game Awards before the full feast at the PlayStation Experience.

The Burning Question: Do games ever make an appearance in your dreams?

The topic of video game dreams was brought up in one of our regular Skype group chats and we all had a game related dream to share. Why I’m bringing this up know, is because I had one last night. Now, dreaming, for me, is never normal. I have very vivid dreams, so clear that I can remember minute details even days after I’ve had the dream. The problem is, the dreams are pretty weird. A...

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