EA’s new Origin Access Premier is available today

Premier PC package looks pricey but is a big-budget bargain.

EA won’t shut down the developer if Anthem fails, says ex Bioware long-time employee

As he leaves, James Ohlen paints a picture of things inside BioWare and EA.

Features announced for FIFA 19

Defensive tactics, ball control, and Alex Hunter's career gets new updates and features for the next venture onto the pitch.

EA’s stock hits its highest value to date, $45 billion

Loot boxes? Who cares when you're swimming in money?

Amy Hennig confirms she left EA in January

Hennig has moved away from AAA game development.

Review: The Sims 4 Seasons (PC)

Winter is coming for your Sims. Better bundle up, unless you are a heartless murderer *side eyes*

Form Follows Function. Bioware detail the build of their real-life Anthem Javelins

I know most of you would want to order one of these for Christmas.

Turns out EA isn’t that evil, they take care of their indie developers

EA might be the worst sometimes, but there's a little light in them from time to time.

Mass Effect isn’t dead. Long live Mass Effect

After what many felt was the end for the series, Mass Effect fans are assured that we'll venture into space again soon.

E3 2018: Battlefield V hands-on

A Grand Operation about taking down German artillery as the British.

Skate 3’s servers sprang to life and we have to wonder if Skate 4 is coming

The Skate franchise just did a heelflip into the land of the living out of nowhere.

Battlefield V’s minimum PC specs are kinda familiar

No need to get a new PC if you could handle Battlefield 1.

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