Expect the Anthem demo to be different from the final release

The demo was completed a while ago, and a lot of improvements to the game have been made since then.

Take a look at the story, progression and customisation of Anthem

Bioware releases the first trailer in a series which looks at all the elements of the game.

Bioware reveals a full mission of gameplay for Anthem

Some combat and exploration to get everyone going for the New Year.

Dragon Age 4’s teaser trailer will leave you with many questions

You knew you would see the Dread Wolf once again.

Review: The Sims 4 Get Famous (PC)

The Sims has a new star.

Video: The rise and fall of Dead Space

In space no one can hear you, but at least this documentary will help.

Review in progress: Battlefield V (PC)

From icy mountain reaches to beautiful French farms, your boots and lead will cover them all.

Titanfall developer appears to have a few games releasing next year

Is Respawn going to release a flurry of games in 2019? We'll have to wait and see.

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