New Battlefront II patch fixes the hero and villain balance

A new patch will bring balance to this forced pun.

EA is thinking about a Battlefield battle royale

EA also wants a game about 100 people on an island scrounging for weapons.

Microtransactions returning to Battlefront II

EA is ready to turn on the pay to progress system of Battlefront II in March.

FIFA tournament forced to play on Xbox One, because of continuous PSN issues

Few things are worse than seeing your rivals score a goal because your stuff ain't working.

Rumour: Microsoft might acquire EA, Valve or PUBG Corp to secure future exclusives

Where there is smoke there is fire, and this could be one big fire.

Video: Battlefield 1: Apocalypse map pack details and gameplay

Get ready for new maps, weapons and gadgets.

Here are the new changes to Star Wars Battlefront II in patch 1.1

The crack TIE pilot can finally fly a TIE in multiplayer.

Battlefield 1 Operations DLC will soon be free to all

Get your DLC, gun and ammo here, soldier.

Video: Let’s play a story mission in Battlefront II

We head to Naboo for some aggressive negotiations with Leia.

The timeline of Star Wars Battlefront II

See where Battlefront II sits in relation to the movies.

Star Wars Battlefront II: Exploring the galaxy

We look at how the planets of Star Wars are faithfully recreated to be movie accurate.

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