Battlefield V is World War 2 without loot boxes

No loot boxes, no premium pass and enough changes to make the multiplayer fresh.

New Battlefield game reveal will take place on 23 May

Are we heading back to the past or into the future? Soon we'll know.

Five titles we hope to see go back to their roots

Some franchises could do with looking at their beginnings.

Anthem to drop in March 2019

Bioware's next big adventure isn't too far off.

EA – It’s clear to us that players see the company differently than we do

Star Wars Battlefront 2's failed reception could be the game that brings the old EA back to life

Opinion: The meteoric rise of Battle Royale games and what effect they will have

The chicken dinners are plentiful right now, but will this Battle Royale bubble explode into something sour?

New details about Battlefront 2’s revamped progression system

In a galaxy far, far away, the loot box is dead.

Rumour: Next Battlefield game to be set in WWII

With the success of Battlefield 1 going back to historic events, perhaps EA and DICE feel the past is the way of the future.

Review: The Sims 4 Jungle Adventures Game Pack (PC)

Jungles, temples, tombs and artifacts of power await your Sim. Just mind the curses...

Battlefield 2018 trailer currently in the works

Soon we will know where and when the fight is.

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