Apex Legends Season 1 begins tonight, get ready to battle

Head to the Wild Frontier and get some pretty skins.

BioWare buffs Anthem’s loot drop rates

Get those oranges and yellows.

Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode will launch this month

And they burn burn burn in a ring of fire.

Anthem being refunded by Sony because of continuing issues

You know things are bad when Sony starts giving your money back.

Get your first look at Respawn’s Star Wars game on 13 April

In a galaxy far, far away we might see a decent Star Wars game.

FIFA introduces new eNations Cup tournament

New eFootball competition gets more countries involved.

BioWare discusses the loot nerf in Anthem

Sorry if you missed the magical loot day.

Review: Anthem (PC)

Anthem's biggest enemy is itself.

Review: The Sims 4 StrangerVille (PC)

There is something strange and it is all connected!

Apex Construct got mistaken for Apex Legends, gets 4000% more interest

It's rare that mistaken identity becomes profitable.

You might be showing your real name in EA games

Better check you aren't running around killing people with your real name showing.

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