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E3 2016 Conference: Ubisoft

Ubisoft, or shall we say Oobisoft, is back with a bang. You know it’s a Ubisoft event when some random people dressed in all sorts of outfits appear on the stage start dancing to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Know. The energetic and entertaining opening of Ubisoft’s Showcase was actually a small demo of sorts for the new Just Dance 2017. The new game in the franchise will release i...

What to look forward to from Ubisoft At E3 2016… including Watch_Dogs 2

Ubisoft have released a trailer showcasing what they are set to show off at this years E3 conference in Los Angeles. Here are some of the highlights we can look forward to… For Honor For Honor is a competitive third-person melee fighting game mixing speed, strategy, and team play with visceral close range combat in multiplayer action. Experience the chaos, fury, and brutality of battle where...

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