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Review: The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff (PC)

Get ready to do some laundry.

EA has a patent that tinkers with matchmaking for ‘player engagement’

EA's latest patent is based on a research paper all about improving engagement for more spending.

Star Wars Battlefront II shows us people rather than helmets

The normally faceless stormtroopers get some time in the spotlight. Who are they under those helmets?

After the beta, EA is changing Battlefront II’s loot boxes

It was the best of times, it was the crate of times.

The video game voice acting strike ends after 340 days

The strike is over and voice actors can get back to bringing characters to life.

Review: The Sims 4: Toddler Stuff (PC)

Toddlers have received some new toys and styles in The SIms 4, but we don't talk about the ball pit.

Review: The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff (PC)

Get fit, or set your Sims on fire on the climbing wall of death. Yes, that is how all climbing walls work, right? Flames everywhere.

Mass Effect Andromeda new patch detailed

Patches include better cinematic sequences, animations, multiplayer balance and more.

Things to do (and look out for) in Andromeda

By now you have probably realised that the Heleus Cluster is a big place and there is a lot to do. There is actually almost too much to do. Things can get slightly overwhelming if you don’t keep your head on straight. Using your quest log and tracking important tasks, but still looking at the map to see if anything worth doing is nearby is a skill that you need to learn through practise, and a few...

Feature: Meet the crew of the Tempest

The Tempest is a lot smaller than the Normandy, meaning everyone on board has to do their bit to keep things running smoothly. Whether keeping the engines running or organising logistics or scanning for new signals and research, everyone on board does something to keep the Pathfinder at peak performance and ready for just about anything. Most members of the crew will be found in different parts of...

Feature: Why we had to leave Earth behind in Mass Effect

[Warning, there are spoilers relating to the original trilogy, so be warned if you never played Mass Effect 1 – 3.] Sometimes a story has more elements that can be told. Sequels, prequels, expansions of backstory. I have heard time and again though that if a backstory was good enough, it would be the main story in the first place. If you think about that, it really does make sense. Why would...

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