Microsoft hopes The Outer Worlds becomes an enduring franchise

A big universe and narrative has Microsoft watching closely.

Exclusive: Interview with Heroes of the Storm live game designer Adam Jackson

Diving into character design, meta busters, season changes and more.

Days Gone has officially gone gold

Prepare yourself for some zombie bikers.

Hands-on: Division 2 PvP

Once more we head into the Dark Zone, but this time things are different.

Heroes of the Storm’s Echoes of Alterac brings in Yrel and a Nexus take on Alterac Valley

The Nexus finally brings Warcraft into the fold, with a trip to Alterac Valley and the first Draenei Hero, Yrel.

Stormlands, the cancelled Xbox One exclusive RPG by Obsidian, gets some context

Obsidian was making a very ambitious and innovative Xbox One exclusive, but it unfortunately never saw the light of day.

Opinion: The generation of a multiplayer-only graveyard

Multiplayer has never been my forte. I usually see it an optional extra with my singleplayer game that I maybe check out once and never play again. Of course, multiplayer is an essential component in the gaming ecosystem and it’s the marquee reason to game for a grand majority of people. During the earlier days of the previous generation, multiplayer did not have such a strong focus as it do...

Opinion: No Man’s Sky defines a generation

Take your mind back to 2013, when the announcement trailer for No Man’s Sky dropped. We were stunned by the ambitious game with its quadrillions of planets, the endless possibilities and the sense of child-like wonder that comes with exploration. It was also surprising to see that the game was being made by a small team of indie developers called Hello Games. The game became a media darling ...

The Art of Gaming: Graphics – Magical Pixels

Show me one person who does not like pretty things. While beauty is still very much subjective, we are still enamoured by visually appealing things. Besides being a precious metal, gold is so sought after simply because it looks pretty and shiny. We decorate our homes with posters, paintings and carpets of various colours. Companies design their packaging to be as visually appealing as possible be...

I’ve played way too much Guitar Hero

I’m what you would call an obsessive gamer. Since I’ve had a lot of free time as a youngster and no real social life to speak of, I’ve played a lot of games. Since I was an achievement “hunter” as well, I played the living hell out every game I could get my oily little hands on. This series is a counter to Jarred’s frankly blasphemous “Honesty Hour” ...

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