Five PlayStation exclusive games that were just kind of ‘meh’

Sometimes, games just don't live up to their own expectations, nevermind anyone else's.

Sony ramps up production of first-party games

SIE is pushing more money into R&D.

Sony reminds us of all the cool games that are exclusively available on PS4

Nothing wrong with reminding the public why you are on top.

Xbox executive defends the Exclusive line-up for the Xbox One X

Shannon Loftis says they are aware of Xbox fans' need for exclusives.

The Burning Question: Have you ever bought a console to play a certain game?

Have you ever bought a console just for one game, for THE game?

The Burning Question: How important are exclusives to you?

Exclusive! Whoa! Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely everything or nothing?

SA Gamercast 6 – Gamescom and exclusives

It is Gamescom which means we have game announcements, changes and the like everywhere we look. Some of them are amazing, some of the stuff is a complete rehash of what we saw at E3 though. We talk about Gamescom, game conferences and events in general, the power of exclusives and our thoughts on the Xbox One X and Microsoft’s current focus on hardware over exclusives. Real exclusives, not t...

Phil Spencer hints at increased number of Xbox One Exclusives for 2017

2017 is going to be a year filled with exclusives for Xbox One according to the boss-man, Phil Spencer. He also teased a new IP in his tweet response to one of his followers, which he later clarified as new addition being Rare’s adventure game Sea of Thieves. @ShayneCollins38 I feel very good about this year. Should have more 1P games than last year, great diversity + launching new IP.  Good year....

The Burning Question: Established IPs going exclusive – Why do we keep letting it happen?

Exclusives in the video game industry are a necessary evil. The big companies need them to drive sales of their consoles that in turn pay the salaries of those making the games. Series such as Gears of War, Halo, Uncharted or God of War will never appear on rival platforms, simply because the studios that make the games are owned by Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo. There are also exclusives made by th...

Games of 2016 – PS4, PS3, PS Vita

With Nintendo and Xbox One out of the way let’s move on the Sony’s offering for 2016. 2015 wasn’t the best line-up for Sony, that we know, but there were still some top games from them such as Bloodborne and Until Dawn. 2016 is promising a lot more and while a few of the games are undoubtedly going to get the delay treatment that we are so used to, it should still be a pretty sol...

The Games of 2016 – Xbox One

Hello everybody and welcome back to SA Gamer for what should be an awesome year ahead. 2015 had some fantastic games but 2016 is looking even better. As is customary, I thought I would take you through the games to look forward to over the coming year per console. Starting off with the Xbox One I am going to list the games that I “think” will be the big hitters and what you should keep...

E3 2015 – Sony Showcase

  Now it’s time for Sony to impress us with there showcase. Will they succeed? Only one way to find out. The event kicks off with Shawn Layden from Sony Computer Entertainment opening up with the standard monologue. Eventually he stops talking and announces the game everyone and their grandmother wants… The Last Guardian Yes, that’s right, the game that’s had so many downfalls is finall...

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