If you like F-Zero then you should give Super Pilot a try

We all want an F-Zero reboot and Dopagames aims to tickle that nostalgia bone.

10 things in video games we wish were real

Video games allows us to do things we can't do in the real world, but these are some we wish we could do or have

Nintendo classic mini SNES to launch 29 September – comes with two controllers and 21 games

Step back in time to a 16-bit era that South Africa was originally excluded from, the Nintendo classic mini SNES is now official!

Redout could be your Wipeout fix on PC and console later this year

Futuristic racers have mostly taken a backseat for anything that involves realistic simulation racers these days. Several years ago Wipeout, Rollcage and F-Zero ruled the world with it’s futuristic fantasy racing settings. Unless you’ve bought into early access for GRIP on Steam or if you bought FAST Racing NEO for the Wii U you’ve got nothing to play that touches on that theme. ...

A New F-Zero Was Nearly Created By Criterion

A F-Zero title was nearly in the works according to sources. Back in 2011, Nintendo of Europe apparently asked Burnout studio, Criterion to work on a pitch for a F-Zero title to be revealed along with the official Wii U launch announcement . Criterion were tasked with showing off a playable section of the game at E3 2011 but were, at the time, busy developing Need for Speed: Most Wanted and could ...

Review: F-Zero Maximum Velocity (Wii U VC | GBA)

Maximum Velocity may need more (Falcon) punch.

What Gamers Want From The Wii U

Not so long ago famed video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto asked gamers what title they’d like to see on Nintendo’s Wii U. Not surprisingly most went on to ask for sequels and some had some rather interesting ideas but the end results aren’t against what we initially thought they’d be.. After many votes the results are finally in: Top Five Submissions: Metroid (2D or 3D, wi...

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