SA Gamer Awards 2017: Biggest Fail

2017 was a year of many wins and a whole lot of spectacular fails. Come see the unfortunate losers.

Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Global Mission has its second epic fail

Boy oh boy, things are not looking good for Pokémon Sun and Moon lately, especially with regards to the latest feature in Sun & Moon: Global Missions. The first Global Mission was a total catastrophe and its second attempt has also failed, though not quite as badly. Mission 2 was to use the Island Scan feature as often as possible, with the end goal being 1 million scans. However, the total sc...

WTF moments at E3 we’ll never forget

E3 kicks off next week in the early hours of Monday morning, local time. It’s the time of the year all gamers wait for with bated breath. It’s here where you get to hear about all the latest and greatest new games that’s been worked on behind-the-scenes. You know? The top secret stuff. There’s also not a year that goes by that something happens that’s somewhat of a WT...

EA boss says Battlefield 4 launch was a FAIL

Battlefield 4 was a prime example of what an incomplete online experience should be like. To this day we’re not quite sure it’s 100% working as it should. EA boss, Andrew Wilson, think it’s “playing extremely well” well after all the updates. However, he’s not here to boast about the game, instead  he says that the situation at launch the game found itself in wa...

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