Opinion: The Bethesda Betrayal

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Fallout 76 players can now claim three classic Fallout games

You don't need to play Fallout 76, you can play the classics instead!

Fallout 76 is having a really bad time on Twitch

Bethesda, baby, what is you doing?

Fallout 4 mod to introduce photo mode to the game

You'll soon be able to take some pretty pictures of the dreary wasteland.

The winners of the rAge 2018 cosplay competition are…

rAge had some great cosplay on show, here are the many competition winners.

Don’t count on Fallout 76 having cross-play

We're going to be wandering in separate wastelands after all.

Fallout 76 aims to last forever

Hopefully we don't get bombed during that time.

Fallout 76 will be exclusive to Bethesda’s launcher, beta will be full game

Better get the Bethesda launcher installed and updated.

Fallout 76’s B.E.T.A will drop in October for those who pre-ordered

Crawl out through the fallout in October, baby.

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