far cry new dawn

FGV winner is getting a new dawn – and our weekly wrap up!

The twins are waiting for one of you. They're pretty impatient.

Free Games Vrydag: Far Cry New Dawn (PS4/XBO)

Stand the chance of winning Far Cry New Dawn

Review: Far Cry New Dawn (PS4 Pro)

It's the end of the world as we know it...

Game releases for February – with predictions!

Prepare your Geiger counters and be ready to jump around, February is singing its triumphant anthem.

Hands-on: Far Cry New Dawn

We are back in Hope County, and everything is wilder than last time.

Rage 2 Twitter account takes a jab at Far Cry New Dawn

Pink is their favourite colour.

Far Cry New Dawn’s new story trailer has you begging for help from Eden’s Gate

With a new threat looming, an old enemy could become a friend.

Far Cry New Dawn will have some ‘light RPG’ mechanics

Some RPG elements and a choice with every conquered outpost.

Far Cry New Dawn interview with Creative Director Jean-Sebastien Decant

A few questions about what we will be up to in New Dawn and what we can expect.

Far Cry New Dawn – First look

Hope County just can't get a break.

Far Cry is going nuclear in Far Cry New Dawn

Everything is blown up. Now go blow some more stuff up.

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