Game Pass Roulette: Apocalipsis – I am frightened and fascinated

The random gods take me for a depressing ride through the end of the world.

Five things we’ve learned from this generation

It's been a long generation and some important lessons have come out of it.

Five ways we love (and fixate on) numbers in games

It is all in the numbers man. The NUMBERS.

Five Games that changed my perspective on gaming

Like the milestones in our lives, some games just change our whole view on gaming as a whole.

Burning Question: What critically-loved game did you dislike?

It's not what the critics say - we want to hear from you...

Five video game worlds we’d like to visit in real life

Let's go on holiday to our favourite video game destination...

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Some games will pull at your heartstrings until you break.

Opinion: The Xbox 360 – the unforgettable console that created communities in SA

Microsoft asked us to jump in, and that's exactly what we did.

A trip down memory lane – Resident Evil 2

Overcome your fears and survive, once more.

Five things we hope to see in the next generation

The new consoles are coming. What do you hope to see from them?

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