Australian Snooker Champion talks about how video games affected his life

Australian Snooker Player, Neil Robertson, had a very candid interview with Eurosport about his addiction to video games and how it impacted his personal and professional life. In the interview he said he used to play a lot of World of Warcraft and League of Legends, but had to stop completely because it had taken over his life completely: [quote]”I’ve had really good application in my pract...

6 Celebrities cameo appearances in video games

Who doesn’t love a good easter egg or cameo appearance in a video game? Just last week I was playing Call of Duty Infinite Warfare only to see Lewis Hamilton as a member of the crew on my spaceship. I couldn’t believe it was him. It was so random and perfect that I simply had to create a list of celebrity cameos in video games. Here’s just a little dash of who you can find in wha...

Review: Mr Shifty (PC)

When Hotline Miami meets Nightcrawler, you get some daring bullet-dodging fisticuffs.

Video: An in-depth look at Dawn of War 3’s multiplayer

For those that played Dawn of War 2 you might remember that it was less about base building, like a traditional RTS, and more about commanding selected squads of troops. Many fans didn’t like the approach and it looks like Relic has been listening to the feedback of it’s community because Dawn of War 3 looks to be a true RTS. At first glance the game might remind you a lot of Star Craf...

The Burning Question: Can you imagine a life without gaming?

Just to give the heading of this post a bit more context, I’m referring to the idea of electronic gaming never being invented. Imagine what the world would be like if Pong was never conceived, little handhelds with side scrolling F1 racers and Donkey Kong, Atari systems and the dawn of “TV games” to name but a few. Some of you might remember the historic American game crash of ’83 that involved th...

Rumour: Looks like SNES Classic Edition mini console is on the way this year

With the announcement that the NES mini was being discontinued many people questioned why this was the case, but Nintendo have their reasons for doing so. Now it seems the SNES is about to receive the same treatment as it’s now rumoured that the SNES will indeed also see a classic edition of the console arriving later this year. This rumour comes via a close source to Nintendo that provided ...

Review: LEGO City Undercover (PS4)

One of the most fun LEGO games is finally available for a wider audience. Live out your GTA fantasies in a LEGO world filled with cop jokes, movie references, and collectibles!

Battlefront II won’t have a season pass

Season passes have unfortunately become a mainstay in modern gaming. They often even cost the same as the base game, but the content they provide you is never really worth that investment. It usually ends up being a few map packs or some singleplayer content that doesn’t add a lot to the already established experienced. Furthermore, you are taking a huge risk by trusting developers to not sc...

Review: Aaero (PC)

Aaero is a fantastic hybrid between a rail shooter and a rhythm game that doesn't mind straying off the beaten track.

Rime Creative Director was brought to tears reading NeoGAF

Every video game message board holds its own share of contempt. Frustrations, opinions and at times anger can be put forward for the internet to see. Yet a for the majority of these instances, those who are on the receiving end are ignored. During a recent interview with Edge, Raul Rubio, the Creative Director of the upcoming Rime, spoke about how one of the most popular message boards, brought hi...

ARMS and Splatoon 2 dated along with many more announcements in Nintendo Direct

At midnight last night Nintendo hosted another Nintendo Direct and most of us thought that ARMS and Splatoon 2 would be the only two games showing up, as per their original announcement, but that’s not quite what happened. Oh no, Nintendo came through and hit the ball out the park by announcing a hoard of 3DS and Nintendo Switch titles along with launch dates for ARMS and Splatoon. Buckle up...

Review: Xbox One S

It is smaller and more powerful, but where will it leave original Xbox One owners?

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