Forza Horizon 4 content update lets you build your own route

Still busy in the bustling world of Forza Horizon 4? Well, looks like you'll be occupied for some time to come still with all the things coming your way in update 2.

The Burning Question: What is the best first-party game controller ever made?

The device that connects you to your game experience is important, but which one do you think is best?

Opinion: Adding a price tag to 1-2 Switch is the best thing Nintendo ever did

Loving the amazing games on the Switch? Thank 1-2 Switch for that change.

Burning Question: Do you save up for those sweet sweet sales?

Do you think ahead and save, or is it all about impulse buying?

The Burning Question: What games did not ‘click’ with you?

There are great games out there, but that doesn't mean you're going to click with it all.

The Burning Question: What game do you think is the closest to perfect?

There is no such thing as the 'perfect game', but each of us have something we consider perfect.

Opinion: Interactive objects and how important they can be to narrative

Games like to give you collectables that require a lot of reading or listening, but are they as optional as we think?

Is Game Pass on Xbox One worthy of your time, or should you give it a pass?

If you just bought an Xbox One you really should not pass up on this service.

Opinion: There’s a big difference between a remake and a remaster, and it’s time we clear that up

No, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is not a remaster, let me explain...

Opinion: I think I’m finally ready to ‘Destiny 2’

After years and years of friends pleading I think I'm ready to buckle under the pressure.

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