Bianca’s top 10 of the decade

A pretty good decade, right?

Five good games marred by their controversies

Some games can't even be mentioned without the controversy coming out. Here are a bunch of games that fit into that horrible category.

Fez received its last update, 4 years after release

Fez is a tragic bittersweet triumph. If that sentence confuses you, then I’ve done my job well. Fez has been a conundrum of a game. It was announced way back in 2007, won an indie award and became a media darling, took 5 years to develop and when it finally released, it was really good. Possibly one of the best modern platformers of the last decade. Within all of this and after the release o...

FEZ gets a Limited Edition 3 years later

Remember that charming pixelated puzzler that launched about three years ago? If you immediately thought “FEZ” when reading that sentence then we’ll be best of friends. Even though creator Phil Fish has since then departed the game development industry, a re-release has officially been announced. The limited edition version of FEZ costs a stern $100 and is set to release on Decem...

The Phil Fish scenario just got messy

You might remember us posting something earlier this week whereby Phil Fish just about lost his marbles when he went on a Twitter rampage of sorts? Well, someone hacked Phil Fish and anything surrounding him. The Polytron web site displayed the below message after being hacked: Hello everyone, I am the head mod over at /V/ and leader of 4chan.org and Anonymous. This public execution of Polytron an...

FEZ developer goes on a Twitter rampage

If the name ‘Phil Fish’ sounds familiar it’s because he’s the brains behind the popular FEZ title, that also recently just launched on the PS4 as a free PS+ download. If you by chance played the game on any of the various platforms you’d know that FEZ was something incredibly special. For the first time in years it was a unique take on a blend of puzzles and platformi...

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