Tekken 7 and Random Select 3 will turn Grand West into the High Roller’s Club

Want to show off your Tekken 7 skills? We got just the event for you.

The Shoryuken forum is getting ready to shut down this month

After nearly two decades of serving as one of the biggest hubs for the FGC, the SRK forums are walking into the sunset.

Free Games Vrydag winner met their Destiny

It's that time of the week again. Where you hope for your name and hope that it was your destiny.

DreamHack Montreal winner donates all winnings to Irma relief efforts

NuckleDu donates his $10,000 winning pot to help those caught in the path of Irma.

Team PlayBell brings Tekken 7: Virtual Vengeance to Cape Town this weekend

Are you a Tekken champion in the making? Let your fists prove it in Cape Town this weekend.

Looking back at the cult rise of Windjammers

Windjammers releases today but it is worth looking at the strange journey of how it left obscurity.

Croagunk is entering the Pokkén Tournament

Even if the masses don’t seem to see Pokkén Tournament as an important game in the Fighting Game Community, it still seems to be getting a lot of love. I thought its’ presence at EVO 2016 would be the last we saw of the title at a premier event but having watched a bit of it at Canada Cup 2016, it must be said that Pokkén definitely has some staying power. While the game has been getti...

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