FIFA introduces new eNations Cup tournament

New eFootball competition gets more countries involved.

Rumour: Frostbite engine coming to Switch?

Real FIFA heading to the Switch in the future?

EA’s new Origin Access Premier is available today

Premier PC package looks pricey but is a big-budget bargain.

Video games as an Olympic sport in 2024?

Playing virtual football may just get you a real medal in a couple of years...

Six magical ‘mid-game’ moments

The small moments of joy that keep you coming back for more...

Pro Evolution Soccer out of the Champions League

United, City, Barça, Juve and now even PES out of the Europe's top competition

FIFA tournament forced to play on Xbox One, because of continuous PSN issues

Few things are worse than seeing your rivals score a goal because your stuff ain't working.

Nintendo Direct: Xenoblade Chronicles 2, FIFA dated. DOOM, Wolfenstein II and more revealed

The Nintendo Direct last night was filled with several release dates and one or two amazing surprises

Future support from EA on Switch depends on FIFA sales

Expect other EA games to appear on the Switch, if FIFA sells well

VS Gaming winner walks away with R500,000

A few people just got rich playing Fifa. Here is a gallery in case you missed it.

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