Final Fantasy XIII

Nine incredible women in video games

Without these women, whole worlds would cease to exist.

Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PC next month

It’s taken quite some time, but PC players will finally get their hands on Final Fantasy XIII on 9 October. It will set you back $15.99, though you’ll receive an additional 10% discount if you pre-order on Steam now. The good news is that there are plans to bring Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy to PC players in the coming months, so at least you’re not p...

Annoying Characters In Video Games

Many of us play video games for their bold and dramatic stories and, sometimes, connect with their fantastically well-written characters. However, not every game is perfect, and many of them have characters we love to hate. Video games are filled with annoying characters, bosses and teabagging players. We’ll never get rid of annoying characters, so we might as well name and shame a few of them. He...

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