Final Fantasy XV

Noctis is entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament

A prince enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Final Fantasy XV’s Comrades DLC gets a short delay

The Comrades multiplayer component is being delayed for some polish.

Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion gets dated, prepare for road trips

Want to have a virtual road trip with your pals and ride chocobos together? You can soon.

Final Fantasy XV gets Assassin’s Creed Themed DLC

The boys are going on an adventure, hidden blades and hay carts included.

Final Fantasy XV-2 won’t be a reality

We probably won't be taking any new road trips with the boys in the future.

Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto VR mini-game has been cancelled

We can't shoot things in VR, but at least we can fish?

Final Fantasy XV’s Regalia is driving into Forza Horizon 3

I hope Noctis doesn't mind you taking a spin around Australia.

Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion means leaving the boy band

Bring the light back to Lucis as your very own character. Cool boy band cred not included.

Final Fantasy XV’s latest update lets you ditch the roads with Regalia Type-D

If you want to go off-road, you need to give your team the D.

Final Fantasy XV survey could result in future additional content

What should we see next for our travelling brotherhood?

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