Final Fantasy

Xbox Game Pass just keeps getting better with 50 new titles

Final Fantasy, Yakuza and more games than can fit in here.

Square Enix is letting your Final Fantasy XIV wedding dreams come true

Here comes the bride, all dressed in the Eternal Innocence garments set.

Nintendo Direct Recap: Switch Suprises, NES Controllers and a frightened Luigi

How much can you cram in 35 minutes? A lot apparently - including 2 surprises and a new nostalgia-inducing controller.

The Burning Question: What in your opinion is the best game soundtrack ever?

We all love good music, but what is the one game that you regard as the best soundtrack in gaming?

Rumour: Noctis could be hitting Tekken 7 next week

Not happy with being royalty, Noctis wants to be the King of the Iron Fist too.

Opinion: Why are Japanese games so ‘weird’?

Japan is filled with the weird and the wonderful. But exactly why is it considered "weird"?

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