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Review: XCOM 2 Collection (Switch)

Killing ADVENT on the go.

Hop into more XCOM next week

Some more XCOM, anyone?

Someone call Gandhi, Civilization 6 has a battle royale mode

Get the nukes ready, nobody survives but us.

XCOM 2 needs you back for more story missions, commander

Those aliens just won't stop coming back for more punishment.

A primer on the new features of Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall expansion

Civilization VI has already made me regret playing into the small hours of the morning, saying “one more turn”, and it doesn’t look like it plans on stopping this anytime soon.聽 The expansion for the game, Rise and Fall, adds gold ages and dark ages and makes your game have a sense of history and meaning as you pass through the various eras. For example, every era will have a sco...

Civilization VI is getting an expansion called Rise and Fall in February

Clear your schedule in February, the turns are calling us back.

The next Civilization VI patch will keep you from losing your religion

Get ready for religious warfare to follow many of the rules that make conventional warfare work so well.

Meet the Templars, XCOM 2’s new psionic elites

Get ready to wield Psiblades and dash into battle. No, not a Protoss Zealot, these are the psionic Templars.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen showcases a new enemy type, the Lost

The future according to XCOM just gets bleaker as we learn what happened to those who were lost.

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