Fire Emblem Heroes

The next Grand Hero quest is available in Fire Emblem Heroes

If you can beat this special map you can say hello to Clarisse.

Heroes prepare thyselves for the Tempest Trials in Fire Emblem Heroes

Get ready for a few 'dungeons' in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Here come the brides in Fire Emblem Heroes

It is your Fire Emblem waifu fantasy in a game update.

Fire Emblem Heroes receives special maps based on Kozaki Yusuke’s character data

Get your orbs while they are hot and walk down memory road with character designer Kozaki Yusuke.

Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd and celebration bonuses in Fire Emblem Heroes

A celebration of the launch of Shadows of Valentia plus other events to fight in.

Four more characters & new story chapter hitting Fire Emblem Heroes

Get your favourite Shadow of Valentia characters in Echoes.

Nintendo increasing the Stamina Cap in Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo’s pushing a few big updates, coming April, for Fire Emblem fans in Fire Emblem Heroes. Included in the updates we already know about the new battle mechanics ‘Defense’ which will have players trying to complete skirmishes in a limited number of turns and ‘Reinforcements’ that enemies will call on during skirmishes. Both should hopefully increase the difficult...

Fire Emblem Heroes to receive regular updates

I have been addicted to Nintendo’s mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes since it released last week. The game not only fulfills the Fire Emblem emptiness I’ve had since Fire Emblem Fates but also with it being on mobile it means I can play any place at any time with one hand. Yes the convenience adds to the addiction. The gotcha mechanic is not as bad as I thought it would be either, as I...

Video: Fire Emblem Heroes Gameplay

Nintendo’s second mobile game will be released soon, on the 2nd of February 2017 to be exact. Unlike Super Mario Run that was free to download with only three levels, Fire Emblem Heroes is free-to-play although there will be micro-transactions. The game will also have an energy meter known as stamina which is utilised through missions. Orbs can be used to recharge this stamina but will come ...

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