MLS is holding a special FIFA 20 tournament due to league suspension

When the real world is suspended the virtual game kicks in.

Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (Xbox One)

The pitch is theirs, the control is yours. Your road to ultimate football starts here..

If you like kicking and balls, then Behold the Kickmen is for you

This is ball kicking on a whole new level.

Review: FIFA 17 (PS4)

FIFA 17 returns, but this time the journey is slightly different

Want to see how FIFA 17 and PES compare? Check this video

PES 2017 has been out for a few weeks now while FIFA is releasing (officially) this week. Those who have Early Access have already been playing FIFA and it seems as though the reaction has been good on the whole. PES, as we know, is fantastic especially in terms of gameplay where it often counts most. But how do the two games compare to each other? FIFA’s move to the Frostbite engine will de...

The FIFA 17 Demo is LIVE

PES 2017 has released and has received nothing but praise. However, as always there are many still on the fence and waiting to try out the new FIFA before deciding. The good news for those people is that the FIFA 17 demo is currently available for download on all platforms right now at a whopping 8Gb on the current gen consoles. FIFA 17‘s new mode, The Journey, does feature in the demo. The ...

Video: PES 2017 gameplay in detail

One of the most incredible things that ties in with the PES franchise is the amazing community that is devoted to the game. One of the most gifted people I have seen is Weedens on YouTube. His videos are spectacular and are a great way of checking out the more detailed aspects of the game. With PES about to release I figured it’s a perfect time to highlight his latest work that is a video on...

PES 2017 demo detailed!

I love Gamescom. Not because I have ever attended the show but because I know that it signifies around a month before my prized football games release. PES, being one of those, is in full motion in terms of handing out details around the upcoming game and everything is looking more and more promising. We found out the other day that Liverpool will be licensed, and yesterday we were told that Borus...

Gamescom: FIFA 17 ‘Gameplay’ Trailer

FIFA 17 is just over a month from release and while there is much excitement around the use of the Frostbite engine for this year’s game it’s hard to notice all that much different from the footage we have seen so far. Last night at Gamescom a new trailer was revealed that apparently contains gameplay. To be honest, it is a montage of small moments which might reflect in-game action, b...

PES 2016 Data Pack 3 rolling out, includes EURO expansion

It’s been a long time since I thought that PES was the better football game, but 2016 returned the “king” to former glories and has cemented itself as the top game of this year in terms of the sport. While FIFA is still a solid game, the evolution of PES has been monumental and the fact that it continues to update with new content is a testament to this. One of the biggest wins f...

PES 16 Update (Finally) Arriving This Week

PES 16 has been hugely successful for Konami in terms of the reviews and in the sales department. It’s a game that has finally pushed the franchise back to where it should be. The gameplay is nothing short of spectacular and the simulation of football is simply excellent. One of the disappointments, however, was that the first update, initially meant to be day one, was delayed. The update wa...

Review: PES 2016 (PS4)

The King of football attempts to regain its throne.

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