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Free Games Vrydag is going out with a bang. Come see if you're the lucky winner.

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Most Disappointing

Sometimes games just don't deliver on what everyone expected, from developers to players.

FRE3 Games Vrydag Winners!

The big competition for E3 is finally done. Did give you love or jilt you with the cold, uncaring random number generation?

For Honor lost 50% of its player base on steam after two weeks

There was a lot of buzz around For Honor leading up to its launch about two weeks ago. The beta saw a massive player base, which is usually a sign of good things to come. Sadly, however, the game launched with some matchmaking issues due to its peer-to-peer system. In a game where every second is life or death any lag could really harm the experience and that is most likely why, at launch on Steam...

For Honor patch released for PS4 and Xbox One

For Honor received a patch 1.03 last week for the PC version of the game. Due to the delay based on how long the patch took in certification, PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait just a few hours longer. The update roll-out is slotted to begin 3pm today with expected servers maintenance for about 15 minutes. Seeing as the PC download size for the patch came to around 4GB, we should expect th...

Video Review: For Honor (PS4)

For Honor turned a lot of heads when it was shown off at E3 because of how different it is compared to other action games. Tactical sword fighting is something I have only ever seen implemented into a few games over the years so I am glad to see For Honor bring the mechanic to a bigger audience. So how does For Honor hold up? Well, the sword play is very solid indeed, but sadly For Honor does have...

Review: For Honor (PC)

For Honor promises much, but we can't write about multiplayer modes we aren't able to play.

Video: We do a blade test to find out which class is best in For Honor

February 14th was not only a time to celebrate love, but it was also a time to send your enemies to Valhalla with the help of your mighty axe as it saw the release of For Honor. When starting the game you have to choose between one of the three classes, the Vikings, the Knights or the Samurai. This is no easy task so we thought we would help you out by taking the blades each class uses in the game...

For Honor won’t be getting early reviews

Ubisoft announced that reviewers won’t be getting early access to the upcoming For Honor, which releases on 14 February 2016. Ubisoft says the reason for this is the open Beta that will keep the servers busy from 9 to 12 February. They did however say that reviewers will be able to pre-load the game, but access will be restricted until the game launches. This is a bit of a worrying trend tha...

The For Honor Open Beta will be available 9 – 12 February

The For Honor Closed Beta ran this past weekend, and with that came the news that the Open Beta will start on 9 February and run through to 12 February, just two days before its Valentine’s day launch. There’s not much news on what is on offer for the Open Beta, but I’m pretty sure it will be much the same as what was available to try out in the Closed Beta, which I had to opport...

Video: For Honor beta quick look

This past weekend saw the For Honor closed beta take place and those that were lucky enough to grab some codes would have enjoyed some intense sword play. I managed to get a code for PS4 and decided to spend my Friday night slaying online – with a beer in hand of course. I am a big fan of games like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Mount and Blade, so For Honor has been on my radar for some ti...

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