G2A responds to sale of scammed keys

Last week I wrote about how co-founder of Vlambeer, Rami Ismail, said that he would rather have people pirate his game than buy it on G2A, considering the amount of time he spends trying to filter out key scammers. G2A replied to that since then, sending me a mail. Here is the mail, which was sent because “there are some misunderstandings we’d like to clarify”: “First thing...

Grey market fraud forces indie dev to change way it does business

Ludeon Studios has stopped issuing Steam keys for new purchases of their game through its website due to concerns of credit card fraud and grey market sales. Rimworld can still be bought directly from Steam or via the developers website, but a purchase via the web store will no longer give you a Steam key. Rimworld went on sale through Steam on July 15. Before that date Ludeon Studios had sold 120...

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