Free Lives

Like indie games? Playtopia is the festival you don’t want to miss

Hey Cape Town, it is time for a gaming festival.

Gorn is the VR brawler you have been waiting for

Free Lives is getting ready to bring the pain to VR.

Broforce dev Free Lives moves studio to Mauritius for three months

It sounds like something out of a dream, or some odd reality TV show. Free Lives, the masterminds of that crazy hit action game Broforce, have relocated for three months to a tropical island. While in Mauritius they will work hard and play hard and have a few friends along for the trip too. Oh and they are documenting the story so that we can see what developers get up to. If you have never been t...

Broforce officially out next week, celebrate with this crazy song

The crazy folk over at Free Lives are finally taking crazy overkill platformer Broforce out of early access on October 15th. To celebrate the launch, the Ballad of Rambro is here to make you burst into song as your chest swells with pride for America. If you are looking for a gory, over-the-top platfromer filled with your favourite action movie heroes, you won’t find anything quite like the ...

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