Fortnite’s building and survival mode isn’t going free-to-play this year

If you really want to save the world this year, you need to pay.

Playing free-to-play and losing my ship made me enjoy EVE Online again

In space, no-one can hear your scream as you lose a ship... unless you are on voice chat.

Fable Fortune leaves Early Access this week

After seven months in early access, the Fable based card game goes fully free to play this week.

Let it Die reaches a spooky four million downloads

Uncle Death's grace, flair and unequivocal coolness are known to a good amount of folks.

EVE Online’s free players are getting a lot more in December

Battlecruisers and Battleships, yes please!

Brink is now… free-to-play?

It was a disappointing objective shooter back when some of us were going through puberty, but hey, free stuff.

New free-to-play FPS title Argo announced by Bohemia Interactive

Who doesn't like a free shooty shoot game? Free-to-play FPS with no micro-transactions? Sign us up!

10 ways that Overwatch could improve on its loot boxes

Overwatch's current legendary heavy event is making fans upset. Here are a few ways they could fix it.

Wargaming forced to apologise after YouTube takedowns

Wargaming takes back claims of homophobic language used in a video detailing their pay-to-win model, which really was just because it didn't want criticism of the pay-to-win model.

Fortnite open-beta is coming next year

Fortnite has been in the pipeline for a long time. The free-to-play sandbox survival action game by Epic Games is planned to go into Open Beta next year. Tim Sweeney, co-founder of Epic Games, announced that Fortnite was to release “within the next year” at his talk during the Game Developers Conference (GDC). He did not provide any sort of launch frame but told Polygon that Fortnite will most lik...

Best free-to-play games on XBOX ONE

With game prices on the rise, it’s good to know that there are games you can indulge in for free on the Xbox One. Sure, not ll freebies are able to leave you fulfilled or entertained for hours, but let’s not dismiss the concept completely based on the failures out there. Some of them might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least you can sample from the variety available to you...

SNOW will launch its Beta on 25 October

When I saw the trailer for SNOW I actually thought I was looking at a new video for Ubisoft’s Steep. I wasn’t of course, as I realised that SNOW is actually a new game that just looks very similar. It’s an open world with snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiles… which is slightly different I guess, but you know, borderline. It also appears that it was announced a while back so...

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