free update

Mario Golf: Super Rush gets ‘last free update’

Wiggler and Shy Guy coming to a tee near you.

Mario Golf: Super Rush first free update is now available

Toadette, a new course and a Ranked mode too.

Untitled Goose Game will soon have you taunting in twos

Free multiplayer update coming in September.

Night in the Woods is getting stranger with “Weird Autumn Edition” in December

The "Director's Cut" Edition will be getting weird with a free update and be releasing on new platforms.

Endless Space 2 wants you to free someone trapped in a neutron star

A free update with new content has the same amount as gravity as a neutron star.

Nioh is going to get even more difficult as well as some PvP

Nioh released to widespread acclaim when it released earlier this month. I was hesitant of the game, even giving it a predicted score of 6/10 which was woefully wrong in the end. The game really resonated with people and its tough-as-nails gameplay has been one of the cornerstones of its popularity. There’s some alluring to high difficulty, which is why the Dark Souls franchise is so beloved...

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