Furi gets a Freedom update with difficulty options

Now every platform has the same list of features.

PlayStation Plus brings the Furi in July

Sony has confirmed its July PlayStation Plus update and its a pretty good month. You can add the following games to your backlog library: Furi (PS4) A fast-paced game about beating bosses with super-speed and crazy dodging. It is bullet hell with a katana, what isn’t there to like? Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (PS4) Gat Out of Hell lets you take Johnny Gat on a rampage to save the boss from h...

Furi Trailer looks Furi good and other bad puns

Okay, I won’t fill your eyes with awful puns that could be used with the title of the game, no need to make anyone furious (sorry, couldn’t resist). Ahem… anyway Furi is a game that is just one boss battle after the next but a game that looks amazing and will require a great deal of patience and precision, or so it seems. The latest trailer shows off some of the battling skills y...

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