Game of the Year

God of War takes top honours at 22nd D.I.C.E Awards

It appears Kratos is as good at taking rewards as he is at taking lives.

2018 Game of the Year, as voted by you

You have decided what game was 2018's best, and the winner is...

SA Gamer Awards 2018 – Game of the Year

2018 has been one beast of a year. But only one game can take home the prize.

The Burning Question: What was your best game of 2018?

It is game award fever, but what is your best game of 2018?

SA Gamer Awards 2016: Game of the Year

It’s finally time. Every year there is one game that comes along that stuns everybody. The game that will be remembered the most and will serve as a bookmark for the year it was released in. In order to achieve this prestigious position, a game has to be truly special in a number of ways. However, it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect to be considered a Game of the Year. The game ca...

SA Gamer Awards 2014: Game of the Year!

The end of the year is upon us and it’s time to reflect on a year that brought as many remastered titles as there were sequels and original IP’s. 2014 was indeed as good as any other year and this week we’ll focus on the games that stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. The winning title for each category have been voted for and debated by the SA Gamer editorial team, but fear not, in early Janu...

Prediction Time – GOTY Edition

Welcome everybody to the second edition of Prediction Time. This time the writers from SA Gamer {Who know so little} share their thoughts on what they think will happen in the future. I asked the guys what games they thought would win the honour of game of the year on each platform, and what would be the ULTIMATE Game of the Year in 2014. Let’s take a look at their responses: Jarred: PS3 – The PS3...

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