game sales

Come be regaled with some SALES!

Sales sprinkling down on us all.

Don’t be a square, come look at these SALES!

Cooking, crafting and crying wallets.

These are the SALES you are looking for!

It's winter sales time, come see all the deals.

Now stop, SALES time!

Let the prices flow through you.

These aren’t fairytales, these SALES are off the rails!

Your wallet is shaking. Is it afraid of something?

Damn girl, look at those SALES!

Come now, you know you want those cheap games.

Look out! There are SALES behind you!

When sales sneak attack, the critical damage is applied directly to your wallet.

Come look at your delicious SALES for this week!

With E3, comes sales. And we're here to give 'em to you.

The Last of Us is five years old. And it sold very very well

Some people bought it twice, but there is no denying that The Last of Us sold extremely well.

Good golly, it’s more SALES!

E3 brings with it some nice SALES.

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