Blast from the Past: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (GameCube)

Beat the hell out of your opponents and those DK bongos.

Blast from the Past: Kirby Air Ride (GameCube)

Take a ride on the meh side.

Eternal Darkness director claims that the spiritual successor is still alive

I expect that this particular post won’t get much interest, but those of you who played the GameCube classic, Eternal Darkness, will know just how magical that game was back in 2002. The way that Silicon Knights played with their sanity elements is something else and we’ve never seen any developer match it since. In 2014 we mentioned that the game is still in development, and now the d...

Blast From The Past: Animal Crossing (Gamecube)

Pirate turtles & Guitar playing dogs. What's not to like?

Blast from the Past: Mario Kart Double Dash!! (GameCube)

“SHELL” your way through to pole position.

Blast From The Past: Mario Power Tennis (Gamecube)

Mario Power Tennis is the Grand Slam title the Gamecube deserves.

Updated: Wii U Gamecube Adapter Compatible With Loads of Games

Update: According to a Gamespot interview with Nintendo the below information was taken out of context. Original: The UK Nintendo Online Store have made the pricing available for the Wii U Gamecube controller adapter. In addition to this they have also stated which games, for now, will be compatible with the device. All games supported by the Wii Classic Controller, Wii Classic Controller Pro and ...

Someone got a GameCube controller to work on their 2DS

When it comes to the best controller ever released there are plenty debates all over the world. The GameCube controller is regarded, by many, as one of the most comfortable controllers that ever released. Outside of the tiny (GBA-like) D-Pad and bizarre Z button it really was something very unique that simply melted into your hands. Now someone, with some know-how, got it to work on the 3DS after ...

What game pushed each console to its limits? (Part 4 of 5)

We all just about lose our heads when we receive bits of ‘next generation’ console news towards the end of a current console cycle. And for good reason, at that stage the previous generation strains under the pressure to keep up with the PC format (yes, I know), as that gradually grows and improves when it comes to hardware. Question is: What game pushed the various consoles to their l...

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