FGV winner is going to SMASH – and our weekly wrap up!

Hello, fellow Saggers. Yes, that is your name now and no, I won’t change it. It’s been a lonely week in August with a lot of stuff happening in Deutschland with Gamescom going on. The Germans sure know how to throw a party, sometimes a little too hard, but we’ve got some awesome game reveals, some juicy news and one of our own is over there right now sampling the sweet-tasting ga...

FGV winners are going Elsweyr- and our weekly wrap up!

It's Free Games Donerdag and we're going Elsweyr for the long weekend!

FGV winner gets a speedy boy – and our weekly wrap up!

He might run off your desk, but he's still cute.

FGV winner is Crashing- and our weekly wrap up!

Are you the one who will get a new friend?

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