What’s your ‘forgotten game’?

Maybe you'll get back to it. One day...

ESRB ratings will now mention if a game has loot boxes

Right up there with warnings of violence, substance abuse and profanity.

Titanfall developer appears to have a few games releasing next year

Is Respawn going to release a flurry of games in 2019? We'll have to wait and see.

Four magic systems in books that would be great in games

Some magic systems are so good they should be in video games already. Please?

SA Gamercast S2 E3 – Let me tell you about a game I like

Some things are better when shared, like a love for games and saliva. Okay wait, the second one is pretty specific and actually have you realised how gross kissing is when you think about it?

The Burning Question: Have you ever bought a console to play a certain game?

Have you ever bought a console just for one game, for THE game?

Code Vein gets a slick announcement trailer and a couple of pretty screenshots

Bandai Namco's vampiric revenants definitely do not sparkle.

Could Bethesda be announcing two new games at E3?

What could it be? New IPs? Returns to previous titles?

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gets a swanky story trailer and an exceptional collectors edition

Ultron and Sigma join forces to take on the heroes of MvC, while those LED Infinity stones and interlinking dioramas look really tempting.

Brainiac’s Injustice 2 trailer shows that brain beats brawn

Brainiac's moveset looks as alien as him, but it works devastatingly well.

Welcome back, now what did you play?

Ah, smell the air. If you are like me you are back in the office and can smell the acrid scent of broken New Year’s Resolutions and see the frazzled looks of people not used to being out of bed before 10am. I hope you had a good December break (if not you have my sympathy) and played a whole bunch of games. I went out of my way to tick games off the list, to make sure they don’t sit on...

Waiting for PS4 Pro? These are the supported games

Consoles are about to enter uncharted territory whereby a console in the same generation will be upgraded to make use of improved and available new hardware that can run current and future games a bit better. Yes, think of this, if you’re a console owner, as a PC upgrade. You’re bluffing yourself if you think it’s anything else. The promise is that you’ll get games in the f...

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