Five satisfying moments you encounter in gaming

Countless hours spent taking down a boss or scoring the last goal. We all have something that gets us back at it again every time.

Seven dumb things gamers do that have no impact on the game being played

Sometimes we do silly things that have no outcome on the game we're playing.

Five things in games that make no sense, but we (generally) leave them be

As games strive for realism, there are still so many things that are just too fanciful. But they make things fun or easier (for programmers or players).

ICON 2018 – Overview

From meeting heroes to seeing friends in new cosplay or just shopping, here is what you might have missed out on.

Burning question: Why are we so scared of standing up to our friends?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

No long weekend plans? Time to hit up Icon

Icon is an event that had been running for many years now – this year is its 25th year, in fact. Up until 2016, however, it was based in the Jabula centre in Sandringham, a venue which was conveniently located, for me at least, but was just too small for how much Icon has grown. Last year, they moved to Gallagher, a roomier venue with plenty of space for all the geeky things Icon includes. W...

Overwatch as a new player – hopping in during the Anniversary event

Overwatch draws you in with incredible cinematics and lore, but then we all fight over a flag for hours...

Four common pitfalls of gamers

Sometimes we forget what gaming is about: fun. Yes there are many more aspects to gaming, like escapism, social activity, competitive play and many more, but at the heart of it, the true essence of it all, is we have all taken up this hobby because it is fun. But sometimes we lose sight of that. Things get heated and mean-spirited and instead of the joy, we feel envy, hatred, loathing or many othe...

What is the most memorable gaming related-story that happened in your life?

Some of you might only have caught onto gaming at a later stage in your life, while there are some of us who have been playing games as far back as we can remember. One thing is for sure – gaming has affected us at some point in our life. There is a memory attached to it that marks an important period in your life. I’ve had many moments in gaming that shaped the genres and games I enjoy today. For...

Carmack says VR devs need to stop ‘coasting on novelty’

Overseas the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have been with consumers for months and have you ever wondered why it feels like the conversation about them has died down since launch? It could be because the scale and awe of games made for VR just don’t come anywhere near what has been releasing for normal systems. A lot of the games still come across as tech demos. Yes they are well done and fun to ...

Honesty Hour – I’ve Never Played Portal

Hello gamers, it’s me, that failed gaming person who hasn’t played your favourite game before. Yes, in the past couple of weeks I have announced the shame of my existence in that I have never played Bioshock, nor Red Dead Redemption (well not more than a couple of hours anyway). To my surprise in both those posts I found out I wasn’t alone and that there were other miscreants lik...

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