Borderlands 3’s main campaign will be 35 hours long

We're here for a good time and a long time.

Rhys isn’t voiced by Troy Baker in Borderlands 3

It looks like Rhys, it walks like Rhys... but is it Rhys?

Gearbox is teasing us again, this time with Bulletstorm or Duke Nukem

One way or another, profanity is going to happen.

Lock ‘n load and get ready to blast aliens in Earthfall

Mmmm. Co-op shooter goodness. Me likey.

Battleborn’s final nail in the coffin is the end of added content

Born into battle, which was kind of lost from the beginning.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition isn’t getting a free PC upgrade

Bulletstorm was a wonderfully strange game that released in 2011. It was filled with dick jokes, funny characters and insane combat that valued spectacle more than efficiency. It was a nice shake-up in the FPS genre that became stale during that particular time. Now, in the age of remasters, we’re getting Bulletstorm: Full Clip. A remaster for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It has all of the remaster...

Rumour: We might get a new Duke Nukem announcement on the 1st of December

The Duke Nukem franchise has been an… interesting time. From the scantily clad women in the strip club in Duke Nukem 3D to the absolutely trash Duke Nukem Forever, the buffed hero with the sunglasses and signature dumb haircut has had quite the run in the gaming industry. We were all probably ready to lay old Duke to rest and only reserve him for some good ol’ nostalgia. But it seems D...

2K still has faith in Battleborn

Battleborn was a bit of a modern day gaming tragedy. It was an amazing game at its core, filled with content, interesting characters and charm coming out of everywhere. But the game just wasn’t fun. It was vastly overshadowed by Blizzard’s Overwatch in terms of gameplay, even if it was the game that boasted the most content and bang for your buck. Things for Battleborn were looking rea...

Are you ready for a Homeworld prequel?

Are you ready for a Homeworld prequel? RTS fans rejoice, because a new Homeworld game is right around the cornet. Blackbird Interactive has a Homeworld game on the way and while it isn’t set in space, it looks hauntingly familiar. What was first known as Hardware, then Homeworld: Shipbreakers, an arrangements between Blackbird and Gearbox means Homeworld: Battle for Kharak is on the way, and...

Exclusive Battleborn Gameplay – 10 minutes

So as we mentioned before we were lucky enough to get hands-on with Battleborn last night. We also managed to capture some exclusive footage for you guys. Here is ten minutes of gameplay for your viewing pleasure. I played as a character called Oscar Mike who is an assault type class, which is right up my alley, enjoy and let us know what you think of it?  

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