Ghost Games

EA gives Need for Speed back to Criterion Games

Back where the Speed belongs.

Need for Speed Payback is also changing its loot crates and progression

Payback takes steps to be less card game and more care game.

New Need For Speed game won’t be always-online, out this year

We have gone full circle, with games promoting offline singleplayer and brand-new features like pausing.

A Trademark for a new Need for Speed appears

The Need for Speed series has become a bit stale of late. The latest entry wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t mind-blowing either, and it might seem like a good idea from Electronic Arts to give the series a bit of a break. That’s not going to happen it seems as it is expected to return again in 2017 by the look of things. This has been confirmed by Ghost Games, the developer behind the l...

Review: Need for Speed (PS4)

The Need for Speed reboot promised to bring back the glory days of NFS: Underground, but does it deliver?

Need for Speed director believes that the fans deserve free DLC…for now

EA aren’t exactly known for their generosity when it comes to their games so it came as quite a surprise when it was announced that a number of their titles scheduled for release over the next few months wouldn’t include microtransactions. What was even more surprising was that they also announced that they had no plans to include any paid DLC in their reboot of the Need for Speed fran...

These are the cars you can VROOM VROOM in Need for Speed

I have never been a lover of racing games, or track racing games to be more specific. I would usually get to a point where I just don’t know how to improve and don’t really have the patience to learn. I have always loved the more arcadey racing games though. Ridge Racer back in the day, SEGA Rally, more recently with Forza Horizon and of course the good old Need for Speed games. One th...

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