Old Google controller patent sets internet abuzz

A lot of imagination has got some tongues wagging...

Google will be having a gaming keynote at GDC 2019

Hey Google... mark March 19 on my calendar. The gaming world may be about to change.

Ubisoft and Google partner up to get you playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in your Chrome browser

I've seen the future and it's an ancient Greek masterpiece in your Google browser.

Go chase some ghosts in Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps right now

In case you forgot, like I did, it was April Fool’s Day on Saturday. As always, I’m super dubious of any posts that were set live over the weekend, so instead, I’ll be writing about something that I know is real. As a joke for the special day, Google added a cute Ms. PAC-MAN mini-game to Google Maps. If you’re looking at any area within the map, you should be able to see th...

BlizzCon 2016: DeepMind and Blizzard are working together with StarCraft II as an AI research environment

You might have read on SA Techie about DeepMind and how AlphaGo was made to take on the world’s best Go player? Now we are going to see DeepMind get ready to take on Starcraft 2. Google’s DeepMind wants to push the boundaries of AI and StarCraft II is the next platform for that. The cool thing is that we can all help by just playing the game. Go is a perfect information game, which mea...

Google Sent Personalised Mail To Its Pokémon Masters

Some of you might recall that this year on the 1st of April Google Maps was overrun by Pokémon. Google put out a worldwide challenge to navigate through Google Maps and try discover 151 Pokémon and be crowned as a ‘ Pokémon Master‘. Google has now gone as far as to mail those who successfully found all the Pokémon a letter as well as a personal Pokémon Mater business card. Greetings, P...

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