Video: Book of the Dead game demo is pushing graphics to the next level

Wondering where to next for game graphics? Come have a look.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has an incredible look on lowest graphical settings

For maybe the first time ever, setting a game to the lowest graphical setting is actually gratifying.

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best Graphics – Artistic

Games don't have to look like real life to be considered beautiful. Here are the games that wowed us with their artistic visuals.

Capcom will fix Chun-Li’s face with a day one patch

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's Chun-Li and others will be getting some work done with Capcom's beautifier patch.

Ubisoft speaks “New Levels” of graphics development for PS4 Pro and Scorpio

With the release of the PS4 Pro, it brought along a new era of gaming and development with it being the first mid-generation upgrade gaming has ever seen. Developers are now able to explore a new level of capability compared to it’s predecessor. As we all know, developers will take some time to push the new tech to its limits. With the likes of Project Scorpio, it might even take years befor...

The Art of Gaming: Environmental Storytelling – Worldly Beauty

Take a look at your surroundings right now. Look at the little intricacies and the various items scattered everywhere. Your surroundings tell a distinct story. Maybe it’s something mundane like the glass you left on your table that has been sitting there for 2 days because you were too lazy to go to the kitchen. Maybe it’s a family portrait of that time you all went on a vacation and e...

The Art of Gaming: Graphics – Magical Pixels

Show me one person who does not like pretty things. While beauty is still very much subjective, we are still enamoured by visually appealing things. Besides being a precious metal, gold is so sought after simply because it looks pretty and shiny. We decorate our homes with posters, paintings and carpets of various colours. Companies design their packaging to be as visually appealing as possible be...

Video: Top Ten best PC Graphics

Those close to me will know that I am a man that likes the shiny things in life [Ed – So you’re a crow?]. I am no different when it comes to games and the quickest way for a game to impress me is by having amazing visuals. Call me a graphics whore if you will – a pretty accurate description of me to be honest, but I like pretty games. I decided to count down the top ten best look...

Video: Ratchet & Clank graphics comparison between PS4, PS3 and PS2

We recently reviewed the remake of the classic Ratchet & Clank game and it’s received deserved praise around the world. Keep in mind that there’s quite a big difference between and remake and a remastered game. Digital Foundry, the folks who love doing video comparisons, have taken some time to compare the PS4 remake to the PS3 remaster of the PS2 original game. It’s actually...

Just how important are jaw-dropping graphics in a game?

By now you would have heard the saying, “Graphics does not make a good game” numerous times in your life. It’s a saying that holds a lot of truth. Star Wars Battlefront anyone? Graphics really does not make a good game, but when the gameplay matches the graphics there’s very little in this industry that’s more satisfying. Several weeks ago I completed the Uncharted: T...

Gamers Den – Game with the best graphics money can buy right now

Finally, a topic where David can really shine! He shines so much that Jarred finds glitter on his lips (yes, it’s a very sexy episode). Valshen points out a title that stems from the Land of the Rising Sun, Jarred reminds us of a game that’s easily one of the best graphical showcases (that, according to Valshen, could include ‘wang’ physics in the future) and David loses hi...

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