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Path of Exile 2 won’t have a beta this year

Level while we wait until 2021.

Path of Exile is getting a sequel and it looks amazing

Path of Exile 2 is far away, but has some grand ideas.

Path of Exile’s next update digs deep to revamp melee

Cleave your way through massive battlefields.

Path of Exile’s PS4 release is around the corner

Grinding Gear Games, the company behind the popular hack and slash Path of Exile, announced that the game is releasing on PlayStation 4 on March 26. The free-to-play action RPG has proven to be really popular, giving many players what they feel is a true successor to Diablo II, with many different build options, system interaction and experimentation, and a grim, dark world. On the PC side, Path o...

Path of Exile heading to the PS4 in December

Prepare to slaughter hellspawn for the low price of free on the PS4.

Path of Exile’s free War for the Atlas expansion is out now

Get grinding, there are gods that need killing.

Path of Exile coming to Xbox One sometime in 2017

Despite not being a PC gamer at all, I actually played Path of Exile at one point. Granted, it was on my prehistoric laptop and I had to dial all of the graphics options back which ended up making the game look like a Bob Ross painting that had a horrible accident. Yet the game ran smoothly and it’s quite the impressive if intimidating experience. When I opened the skill tree for my characte...

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